Walk from Anne Frank’s to Resistance Museum

To take in a wide variety of sights associated with “Persecution and Resistance in Amsterdam,” follow a self guided walking tour.  If it exists in electronic form, I haven’t been able to find it, but you can buy the leaflet cheaply at either the Anne Frank House or the Resistance Museum. It covers a lot of places which were once hard to find — everything from the place where the air raid alarms were set off, where German soldiers enjoyed themselves on the canal boats, where Jewish people hid in the basement of a former tobacco company.  Although in many cases there’s little evidence now of what happened then, simply standing in front of the place and knowing the story can help bring home how long and hard the war years were.  Seeing the details of the persecution of Jewish people and the Holocaust makes it more real, such as the place where the Jewish Boys’ Orphanage stood.  Almost every single orphan was murdered at Sobibor.  Now all that remains is a granite line in the plaza by the Stopera outlining the Orphanage building, and on the line their story is engraved.

Even if you don’t have time to do the whole walk, the booklet is worth reading, and the historic photographs along the bottom of every page are powerful even in the reduced size.

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