Music near the Organic Market

The Noorderkerk: Exciting Classical Concerts at 2:00 on Saturdays

Amsterdam is replete with glorious classical music. Some of the most thrilling happens from September to May, timed at 2:00 just after the food market. You can hear accomplished young musicians who are establishing themselves. Often, they perform unfamiliar works or composers who will dazzle you. The combination of technical accomplishment and the verve and enthusiasm sweeps the listener away. Prices are reasonable, and the hall does sell out, so buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale at 1:00. (You can also buy them from Amsterdam Uitburo at 0900-0191, the Stichting Noorderkerkconcerten at 020 6203119 or Occasionally, special concerts are held at times other than Saturday afternoons, usually at a higher price yet worth every penny. While you are listening to the concert, you can contemplate the only cruciform church in the city. It was built in 1623 by Hendrick de Keyser, one of the most imaginative architects of his time.

Pianola Museum near the Market   Music lovers also shouldn’t miss the Pianola Museum, open only on Sunday afternoons and for concerts. If you think the player piano is an unsophisticated instrument, think again! They have more than 30,000 rolls of music that we have no other way of hearing.   They sometimes do silent film nights with of course pianola accompaniment, or play the work of 19th century classical pianists (often women) which is otherwise unrecorded.

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